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1x2 Bet or Asian Handicap Bet is gradually becoming popular in Vietnam. In this article, wintips will help you understand more about this easy-to-play and easy-to-win type of bet.
What is 1x2 Bet?
1x2 Bet refers to the odds of the Asian Handicap. The 1×2 Bet, also known as the Three-Way Bet, is considered by many betting enthusiasts as a quick, easy-to-play, and relatively straightforward type of bet.
1x2 Bet requires players to place their money on one of the three outcomes: win, lose, or draw. The sites for betting will provide odds corresponding to each outcome in a football match, allowing players to choose and place their bets. These odds help the bookmaker determine which team is considered stronger or weaker.
This type of bet is favored and widely used in European and American countries.
Detailed Reading of 1x2 Odds:
The 1×2 odds are interpreted as follows:
1: Home team wins
X: Match ends in a draw
2: Away team wins
1-X: Home team wins or draw
2-X: Away team wins or draw
For football in Asia, there are two types of bets: Half-Time (1H.1×2) and Full-Time (FT.1×2). The symbols are abbreviated as follows:
1H.1×2: Half 1×2 – bet on the first half
FT.1×2: Full Time 1×2 – participate in betting for the entire match
Illustrative Example of 1x2 Bet:
Let's take a look at a 1x2 bet for a match between Switzerland and Cameroon:
Switzerland is listed on top, indicating the home team.
Cameroon is listed below, indicating the away team.
1x2 signifies the Asian Handicap.
1.78 is the odds for choosing Switzerland, for example, betting 100k wins 178k.
4.90 is the odds for choosing Cameroon, for example, betting 100k wins 490k.
3.20 is the odds for choosing a draw, for example, betting 100k wins 320k.
The symbols and profit calculation for Half-Time 1x2 are similar to those for the full match.

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Calculating 1x2 Bets:
In 1x2 bets, the calculation of winnings is not significantly different. The formula for calculating the profit is:
Profit=Bet amount x Odds
For example:
Betting 100k on Fulham (home team) with odds of 8.20 yields a profit of 820k, totaling 920k.
Betting 100k on Chelsea (away team) with odds of 1.35 yields a profit of 135k, totaling 235k.
Betting 100k on a draw with odds of 5.30 yields a profit of 530k, totaling 630k.
Making Money with Asian Handicap: Most Effective 1x2 Bet Strategies
When playing Asian Handicap bets, players need a different strategy compared to Asian handicap or over/under bets. Here are effective strategies shared by experts for playing the 1x2 bet.
When to Choose Home Team Win:
Choose the home team to win when:
The home team is exceptionally strong, ranking in the top 3 or top 4 in the league.
Always choose if the home team is Bayern Munich, Man City, Liverpool, PSG, etc., and the opponent is ranked 10th or lower.
The home team's attack has scored more than 15 goals in the last 5 matches.
The home team does not face issues with form or personnel.
When to Choose Away Team Win:
Choose the away team to win when it meets at least 2 of the following criteria:
The away team's form is improving recently.
The away team consistently performs well when playing away from home.
The teams are performing well against stronger opponents.
Matches with high tension, derbies, El Clasico, etc.
The recent 10-match history shows decent performance.
When to Choose a Draw:
In 1x2 bets, choose a draw only when:
The difference in class between the two teams is not significant.
Both teams play defensively and prioritize defense.
Both teams are not under pressure regarding points or rankings.
Matches that are more procedural.
When a weaker team faces a stronger team and plays defensively in numbers.
Sharing Winning 1x2 Betting Strategies:
According to wintips' football betting expertise, players should generally only place 1x2 bets before the match takes place. This is because the odds for both outcomes are higher before the match than after it or when a score has already been determined.
When participating in 1x2 betting, players need skills and a deep understanding of this type of bet to make the most accurate match predictions.
Players betting on Asian Handicap need to dedicate time to thorough analysis. Factors to consider when researching Asian Handicap bets include head-to-head history, recent form in the last 10 matches, statistical analysis of the last 10 matches, and other relevant information about the teams.
These factors are thoroughly analyzed by wintips when providing detailed football match predictions, so it's advisable to pay attention and refer to their predictions.
For matches with odds that may lead to surprises, thorough research is crucial because the risk of loss is significant. If players consistently bet without proper calculation, those favoring the underdog may face substantial losses.
Choosing 1x2 or Asian Handicap:
There are often comparisons between Asian Handicap and Asian Handicap bets. So, what are the actual differences, and which bet is more stable?
Difference in Odds Between the Two Types of Bets:
The odds for Asian Handicap bets are always higher than those for Asian Handicap, and the difference between the upper and lower teams is more pronounced.
For example, Asian Handicap odds range from 0.xx to 1xx, while Asian Handicap odds usually range from 1.xx to 5, 6, 7xx.
Complexity in Betting Approach and Odds Calculation:
With Asian Handicap bets, players only need to analyze who will win, lose, or if the match will end in a draw.
In contrast, Asian Handicap bets require calculating the handicap odds and careful analysis.
Comparison of Risk Management in Asian Handicap and Asian Handicap:
Asian Handicap bets involve a considerable level of risk and the possibility of losing everything.
Asian Handicap allows for calculations to minimize the risk of loss if a reasonable bet is chosen.
This is evidenced by the possibility of only losing half of the bet in Asian Handicap.
Therefore, if players are not strong in calculation and analysis, 1x2 is an excellent choice with only two options: Win, Draw, or Lose. On the other hand, players who are adept at calculations may choose Asian Handicap to reduce the risk of loss or losing the entire bet.
1x2 Bet and Asian Handicap are becoming increasingly popular in Vietnam. This type of bet has the advantage of being easy to play and easy to win. Players who enjoy the thrill of risk-taking in this bet should carefully calculate their moves.

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